Wheel alignments are often overlooked as part of the preventative maintenance in the automotive, trucking and RV industries. A proper alignment can improve drivability and handling as well as considerable fuel savings. Studies have proved that only setting the toe is not a sufficient solution. Improper camber is a major contributor to abnormal or premature tire wear & improper caster can affect the overall drivability of the vehicle.

We at Kaiser Brake & Alignment Inc. have invested in state of the art equipment & tooling, plus countless man hours in training to assure the very best alignment and customer satisfaction you and your vehicle deserve.

We perform a thorough inspection of all your vehicles suspension and steering components and provide a written estimate for any repairs that may need to be addressed prior to any alignment adjustments being made. After the work is completed we test drive your vehicle as a final step in quality control. We can perform alignments on all makes and models of automobiles, trucks, RV’s and trailers.


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Front End
4 Wheel
Tag/Drop Axle
Trailer Axle (spring, air & independent)
Custom Steel Caster Shims for Industrial and Motorhome applications